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6Zeta: a Full Service BaaS for Better, Faster Software Development!

What is BaaS?

BaaS, or "Backend-as-a-Service", is an approach for connecting web and mobile applications to backend cloud storage and processing while also providing common features such as user management and push notifications.

Why Does BaaS Matter?

  • Massive, simultaneous time and cost savings in almost any Software Development Process.
  • Turn external or internal facing pieces of your Enterprise systems into external or internal facing APIs
  • Easily implement small initiatives that attach to your Enterprise system, without reworking the system.
  • Focus on application architecture, not building and testing data access and storage logic.
  • Focus on application design, not building and testing massive amounts of client-to-server logic
  • Focus on execution, not constant updates/revisions to your process and redundant development tasks
  • Eliminate staggered and disconnected systems between disparate parts of your business
  • Optimize and normalize your systems' performance
  • Streamline new development initiatives

Clearly, BaaS is a ubiquitous need in today's (and tomorrow's) software industry. Startups can use services like Parse and Firebase, but how does an enterprise reap the massive benefits of BaaS? There aren't many services catered to this need, and those that are can run you over 6 figures a year! (And it's worth every penny!)

But we think there's a better way to serve the enterprise without the price tag of a family-made Italian sportscar.

Flow helps Enterprise Software companies as well as any large company with software systems explore the options for transitioning their unique systems into utilizing BaaS at some level appropriate for their current system, planned initiatives, and budget.

We also provide kits along with the barebones BaaS for client-side development. There are kits for web and mobile alike, so whatever your developers use, we got you covered. With the services we provide alongside the BaaS, we call our service 6Zeta: a EBaaS and MBaaS (Enterprise and Mobile Backend-as-a-Service).

Drop us a line and we can give you a demo of our BaaS product and services!

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