Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’: Mobile-Friendly Ranking Update

According to a recent announcement from Google, websites that are not Mobile-Friendly — that is, non-responsive to different screen sizes or configured to be viewed on multiple devices — will see a heavy drop in traffic starting April 21. This has been termed ‘Mobilegeddon’.

This can and will hurt a lot of businesses that haven’t listened to the warnings. 60% of Internet usage is on a smartphone. Additionally, the majority of purchasing decisions are made on a smartphone. Real-world businesses that rely on their website as another source of leads and inquiries will lose a ton of traffic.

Personally, I have been seeing a relatively large rise in leads coming in from mobile devices. One of the simplest and most overlooked things in most mobile websites (even if the design is mobile friendly) is making sure the contact form(s) are mobile friendly/easy to type into and use.

You can test your website for mobile-friendliness here. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and you currently use it (or want to use it) for lead generation, give me a call at 608-819-1860 or use the contact form.


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